Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zotero Word Plugin giving trouble?

Well I had my Zotero Word Plugin installed and working fine and one day suddenly it disappeared in to thin air :(

All my project work got stuck because i couldn’t cite or put a reference list and i was so worried.

1. I reinstalled Office 2007
2. Upgraded Zotero to 2.0
3. Tried to reinstall the word plugin using Firefox

Nothing worked :(

Well if that is the case for you too, maybe this little trick might get you up and running again. Notice this will only work if you have INSTALLED Zotero + Zotero Word Plugin (Which is a Firefox Addon in 2.0).

Well finally the problem was that Word itself has disabled the Zotero AddIn.

So just head to Word Options (From the Office Globe) –> Addins –>

Check to see if by any chance Zotero is in the “Disabled Application Addins”.

If it is, you are in luck. Simply select “Disabled Items” from Manage drop down box and click Go..

Select Zotero and Click Enable. Restart Office and Presto :D

Hope this helps anyone out there…

Don’t forget to thank you if this helped you! :)