Sunday, July 5, 2009

OMG! Duplicate Files!! Not a problem anymore!

There was a time where it took me zillion hours to go through my playlist, my software folders and all my other load of images and videos….only to find they contain duplicates! Well though it took me zillion hours, i doubt whether i have done the job correctly!

But now it takes me only 10 seconds to scan my music folder, 15 seconds or less to scan my software list and less than 5 seconds to scan my list of images and get my hands on a neatly arranged, flexible and comprehensive list of duplicate files…all ready to be displayed in any customized way i want…

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Duplicate Cleaner by Digital Volcano. This too good to be free utility makes searching across directories and finding duplicates as easy as 1,2,3!


Digital Volcano, Duplicate Cleaner 1.3 (The latest version at the time of writing) starts with a very easy to understand interface!

First you need to decide where am i going to search for duplicates! You can choose any directory or a drive! Simply select it and click Add Path.

Now choose what you want to search :)

There are 2 handy sections, File Search and Music  Search…


The File search includes the basic search options. You can specify a File Filter (Wildcards) to limit which files to search for. The other amazing feature is check for the Same Content(CRC) which guarantees you almost 100% accurate search results :) Apart from that, you can search for same File Name, Size or Date.

The second option (Music Search, which saved me gigs out of my huge music collection) is the option to search for music files. It searches for songs with the same Artist, Title or Album.

Example result from my music folder may show that a particular song is there in 2 folders. Once i get the results, i can just check whatever file i need and press “Remove Selected”


Removing, does not necessarily mean getting rid of the file, that is why you can either delete to recycle bin, permanently delete or move all checked files to another folder.


Now lets say, your search returned 1000 duplicate entries, are you going to go through everything and check all by your self? Nope! That is when the handy Selection Assistant comes in to play!


It can make your life easier by specifying which files you want to delete, whether the file with the lowest bit rate, lowest sample rate or shortest length. (The option is to actually keep the opposite )

Or keep the newest/oldest or smallest/largest or by search pattern. When you click close after selecting the options to your heart’s content, just click remove selected files to get rid of them!

I anyway like the CRC option in the file search and it is the most used search method for me.

Duplicate Cleaner is a truly amazing piece of freeware, which perfectly does the job and saves your hard disk space and the money in your wallet!

Brilliant job, Digital Volcano

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