Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let me concentrate please!!!

Do you constantly get distracted by your instant messenger notifications or all those zillion email notifications that constantly keeps popping up on your screen when you have to submit that project due tomorrow? Or you cant resist opening your browser to check what your friends are doing now?? All those are done BECAUSE you see those icons that makes you want to click them! Well what if you don't see them? What if you see only see what you type? Only text! Nothing else? Well, ladies and gentlemen, say hi to Dark Room.


(Full screen)image

Well this is how it looks! Just like a Dark Room.


The text is Green and the background is Black! Gives you the original Matrix feeling. This is a simple text editor where there is only you and your text. You get all the simple features of a notepad like text editor. You can specify your own Font and Background colors, Font and the page settings. You can even make the app transparent to your liking.



Simple other features like Auto Save and context menu integration makes it simple yet effective notepad alternative.

You know what’s the best feature? You will never get distracted again and you will finish the project due tomorrow, today and go out with your girl and save the world too :)

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