Friday, September 4, 2009

What happened to that 10GB i had free yesterday? :(

Common question? Yes! One morning, fresh, you check how much space is left in your C: drive and that 10GB is smiling at you making your whole day happy! You do your work, you play some games and you do all the www stuff you do everyday and everything is normal. Until, you see that weird message haunting you..


Where did all my space go??? Where is that 10GB i had in the morning?

Prime Suspects

  • Wife (Nah! She never touches the PC)
  • Dog (Hates anything except fresh meat)
  • Children (Was at school)

Now which one took away my free space?? Lets hand over the case to Mr.CCleaner first! (There’s another Mister waiting to take over the case too)



CCleaner (Formerly Crap Cleaner),boasting powerful and expandable set of features will go deep down of your hard drive and search for all those unwanted junk files you never knew that was there in your hard drive.


It will first search in well known places for junk, useless and unwanted files reside ( Which is shown on the left side.. then it will search on places that most applications leave unwanted junk files… (Shown below)



The analyze button will start searching for the junk files and will display what was found… You will be amazed the first time you run it, if you have  never run this before…


The other amazing feature that CCleaner offers is cleaning your registry! It will clean all those pesky little entries that take up the space in your registry and slow it down!


CCleaner is also built in with an Uninstall utility that can replace the Windows Uninstallation Utitlity…. + a startup manager and system restore point manager…. too much to ask in a freeware!


Download Now

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