Monday, September 28, 2009

Aw snap! My files are corrupted/missing! :(

Ever wake up in the morning only to find your nights of work is corrupted/missing or cant boot up your PC? Ever want to get back to an earlier revision of a file you were working yesterday? Two days back or one month back? :) There are two options! Keep track of several folders with the date, zip it and email it your self. There should be easier way, isn’t it? Yep! There is! Dropbox, your ultimate solution to backing up and automatic synchronization.

Setting up Dropbox is so easy and once installed it is setup once and forget type software. Dropbox, simply put, is a folder which everything you put in to is automatically synchronized with the Dropbox server + all computers you have linked up with your account. That means, if you have Dropbox installed both at home and office, both the folders will contain the same exact content as one will immediately reflect changes made in another and vice versa. How cool is that? :) This does not stop there, well sure you can link up more than 2 computers… so all the 65365 computers that you work on will contain exactly the same folder…

Now, lets say half way through your document you suddenly realize that you have done some changes to your document that you want back badly??? Normally, this is impossible! Because the content of the file is over written… only exception being you can keep on undoing… but what if those changes were done 7 days back? No worries! Dropbox to the rescue! Dropbox not only does automatic synchronization but also keeps track of all the changes made to your files… up to 30 days!! (Yeah you get unlimited undo history for the paid version!)

Yeah now you know why you need Dropbox! It will automatically detect changes in a file and synchronize it with the server and other linked computers! But wait! What about my 65 MB file??? Every time i make a minor change to it the whole file is getting uploaded again!!!? The answer is NO WAY! This is why Dropbox is the next big thing and this is why Dropbox is so HOT! Dropbox uses a technology called Delta Synchronization (lBock-level or delta sync) where only the part of the file which has being changed is only synchronized! Easy on the bandwidth and time saving! Plus, upload resuming is supported too! It certainly is smoking HOT!

Here is a complete list of Dropbox’s features

So what are you waiting for! Get Drop Box!

P.S : The above link is actually a referral link…No it doesn’t give me $0.25 for everyone who clicks it but i get 250MB of additional space (up to 3GB) for everyone who gets registered!

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  1. Hey thanx 4 the Dropbox thingy!! It really rox!

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