Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Best Productivity Tools (One Note)

There are quite a few software that I use daily or once in a while to get things done in a more productive way or be productive. So I thought of listing down a few of my most used and trusted software. This is in no way a Top N Productivity Tools post or neither is a complete one. I’ll try to be concise and precise. Oh and by the way, I use an Android powered smart phone, so don’t be surprised to a see a few Android apps on the list. I’ll cover an app each in a post! Here goes the first!

  Microsoft OneNote
One Note is first, because it IS my number one productivity tool. I don’t know where I’d be without it. The companion Android application that was released recently is pure bliss.

Need something organized ? OneNote to the rescue! My office life would be a giant mess if it wasn’t for OneNote. I have everything from meeting notes, documents, task updates from team members to research documents, personal notes, brainstorming sessions and to do lists organized all thanks to the wonderful piece software from Redmond.

I tried Evernote and loved it because it could sync with my Android device but I didn’t fall in love with the tags concept or the number of hierarchical layers that it could divide my work in to.

In contrast, in OneNote, I have a notebook for each of my projects and I have a number of sub layers all neatly organized. I just love all those hierarchical organization capabilities! And automatic text recognition in the images is neat! It would suck to add all my office to-do lists in to my phone but One Note handles it like a boss! Adding a task is one click and automatically adds that task to Outlook too. It’s easier than having another to do list app.

Seriously, if you need everything organized in your life; office or home, OneNote is a gem! 
Now that OneNote syncs with my Android and integrates nicely with SkyDrive (you can edit OneNote documents in the browser!), my notes can be accessed where ever I have a browser and an Internet connection. 

P.S : NO, I am not a MS fan boy!

Await more productivity tools!

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